Rescue and Firefighting Vehicles

Rescue and Firefighting Vehicles Rescue and Firefighting Vehicles
Rescue and Firefighting Vehicles

Rail-Road Rescue Vehicle

Rail-road rescue vehicles guarantee immediate help in case of accidents or emergency situationson rails. Different kinds of box bodies for the necessary re-railing equipment, rescue tools and accessories provide maximum flexibility and fastest response in the case of an emergency. This helps avoiding long lasting track blockages.

Rail-Road Firefighting Vehicle

This is a multipurpose vehicle which is able to move both on rails and roads with no limitation. Road-rail fire fighting vehicles are equipped with all necessary equipment and box bodies for hazardous situations.

Re-Railing Systems

All the components of the re-railing systems are kept as small and light as possible to enable fast transport, efficient setup and easy handling. This enables the user to start re-railing operation as quick as possible, saving valuable time. 

Firefighting and Rescue Train

Vehicles from the proven MPVTM series serve as the basis for the new fire-fighting and rescuevehicles. A new, powerful drive system has been introduced for the rescue and equipment vehicles. Either vehicle can be coupled with a non-powered tank car and fire-fighting wagon.For a specific operation the train splits into two sections. The first section with equipment unit and tank car wagon is primarily used for suppressing any fire and for the recovery of the injured persons. The second section, comprising one or two recovery vehicles shall operate in a shuttle service to transport the injured persons to a safe location.

Snow Cleaning

The brushing device installed on a rail-road vehicle provides fast and efficient cleaning of snow from switches, rail yards and level crossings. The brushing unit can be delivered with turning mechanism.

Rescue and Firefighting Vehicles Projects