Railway Depot and Workshop Equipment

Railway Depot and Workshop Equipment Railway Depot and Workshop Equipment
Railway Depot and Workshop Equipment

Modular Working Platform System

The modular working platform system allows access to all areas by a wide variety of vehicles, such as metro,streetcars, trains and locomotives. The system is based on combining a series of produced aluminum profiles that can be connected together in virtually unlimited ways.

Lifting Jacks

Rail vehicle lifting jacks provide a flexible and easy to install way of installing lifting rail vehicles, either as single car or as multiple sets with a fully synchronized lift. The jacks provide a flexible option because they can normally be used to lift a wide variety of rolling stock.  Customization of the jacks for the specific application may be required. Therefore it may be necessary to provide the rolling stock details in order to specify the equipment correctly.

Wheel Lathes (Under Floor and Surface)

Under floor wheel lathes are machine tools that are designed for corrective maintenance of railway rolling surfaces and brake discs. The wheel lathes are designed to regenerate the wheel profiles         subject to the normal wear and deformation caused by the transit of the wheels on the track.

Wheel Set Presses

Wheel set presses are able to mount and dismount all the elements on the axle (wheels, brake discs, gears and bearings). Our products can satisfy customer requirements in both maintenance and  manufacturing sectors. For manufacturing or high-production-capacity maintenance depots, a double cylinder fully-automatic wheel set press may be used. This machine is equipped with an assembling system able to check the correct positioning of each element during the pressing operations, as well as checking the radial deviation in the tread circle, and the axial deviation of the internal face by means of a laser device. Furthermore, the machine is equipped with a manual or automatic loading carriage.

Bogie Rotator/Wheel Set

The bogie or wheel set rotator is used for easy dismantling or re-assembly of components attached to the bogie or wheel set during services. Bogie rotators are normally used to rotate bogie frames so that assembly/strip down is made easier by the operators.  Bogie rotators can also be fixed or mobile, with the mobile type being more popular due to it's flexibility in operation.

Bogie Testing Stands

Bogie testing stands are able to mount/dismount and test a variety of bogies. For mounting and dismounting operations,  we recommend a simple solution, with two cylinders that can apply the load onto the bogie frame in order to mount/dismount the primary suspension.We can deliver the most advanced multifunctional bogie testing bench present on the market. This equipment is used in customer workshops for production and maintenance of coaches and locomotive bogies.

Bogie Drops

These are used for removing or replacing complete bogies and under-carriage equipment without decoupling vehicles. Our bogie drops make bogie change possible in less than two hours, while other under floor works can be performed in parallel.

Bogie/Wheelset Turn Table

Bogie/Wheel-set turn tables are available as manual or motorized versions. They are used to redirect the bogie or wheel set on fixed rails in the workshop.We supply a broad range of machineries for railway construction, as well as track constructionvehicles, rail excavators, sleeper changing units and any other equipment necessary at the work site.


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